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"I help others own their truth and reach their highest potential."

Expecting to have some enjoyment and a sense of fulfilment in life is not a pipe dream – it’s your purpose and your right. If you’re like 99% of others, then you can’t quit your job and travel the world because a quote on social media told you that’s how to be happy.

Perhaps you lost your job, your heart has been broken or you feel like a walking existential crisis. Life is tough, and things often get thrown our way that knock us sideways. 


You might even be waking up more than you’d care to asking: “what is the point in all this?”. Or maybe you feel stuck in a cycle, struggling to make changes in your life? You’re not alone. And you don't have to feel that way.


I know this because I work with people experiencing these challenges and help them realise that life doesn’t have to be this constant uphill struggle. 


I’m a qualified psychotherapist and experienced coach. Whether it's healing from the past, feeling better equipped to deal with the present, or planning life goals for the future, I can work with you to make the changes you’d like or may even have yet to identify.

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"If you're like 99% of people, you can't quit your job and travel the world because a quote on social media told you that's how to be happy."

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You may have loads of questions you'd like to ask, or you may just want a conversation to see how we might get along. Either way, use the contact me button below to instantly schedule a time that's right for both of us (opens new window).

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