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I'm an experienced coach and qualified psychotherapist. Each client has a unique set of needs and you are no different. When we work together, we'll agree upon the best approach for you. 


A more directive, coaching style may suit you if you're looking to achieve specific life goals. If it's healing work, a less directive, more therapeutic approach might be more appropriate. 

Answers to some of the most common questions are below. However, if you want tot get in touch, click here and you can instantly schedule a no obligation, FREE phone call with me.

  • What dates are the hangouts?
    I'm currently only taking interest in the program. As soon as I have a number of people interested, I'll look to set some dates.
  • Where do the hangouts take place?
    Great question! I choose city centre locations to make the program accessible to as many people as possible. The actual venue details are shared two weeks before the first hangout.
  • Are the hangouts confidential?
    Absolutely. Building trust with the other people on the program is important and the first thing we discuss is confidentiality. Everyone will sign an agreement to confirm their committment to "what happens in the room, stays in the room".
  • Who runs the hangouts?
    Me, Adam! I'll be your main man and coach. You can read more about me on the 'about' section on this site.
  • The hangouts are in the evening, is there food?"
    Yes! I provide you with some hearty and healthy snacks to keep you going throughout the evening. Don't expect a full meal though - if you're the sort of person who gets 'hangry', bring your own snacks (the venue often has food too!).
  • Are there things like group hugs?
    Not unless you want one! Discussing and defining boundaries is a big part of the work we do on The 360° Program. You won't ever have to do anything you don't want to. So to answer the question directly, no group hugs are part of the program.
  • How do I pay?
    Once you have registered, you'll be sent a confirmation email. We'll talk, then I'll then send you a link to make payment. I accept payment in all the usual forms (except cash and bartering with household objects).
  • What's the format of the hangouts?
    Great question! Typically we check in with each other so we know what kind of week we've had. It's important to know if someone's having a rough time. Then we'll do a bit of theory work, nothing too heavy. This bit is mainly me sharing theories and insights and opening the room up for discussion. You may do some work in pairs, smalls groups, or on your own. We then spend a bit of time at the end of each hangout sharing our experience of the time together.
  • Will I be expected to bear my soul?
    That is up to you (do it - kidding!). We'll build trust during our time together and I'd say the more you share, the more you'll learn about yourself. The group are there to help you too - if you're a mute then chances are you won't get as much from the experience. It's always your call though.
  • What happens if I hate it after the first one?
    It probably means it's good for you! We'll talk before you sign up to make sure it's right for you. If you find things challenging after the first session, we'll talk some more. I'll encourage you to stick at it though, chances are you'll be feeling like you're out of your comfort zone and that's where the magic happens. If you decide categorically that you want out, you'll get a pro-rated refund within 7 days.
  • Is this a cult?
    Hell no! Those things give me the creeps.These are personal growth workshops and whilst in the future I do plan 'meetups' for those who have been through The 360° Program, there's no requirement to attend. We don't chant, have funny rituals, or exclude people who "don't think like us".
  • Where can I find out about future programs?
    Drop me an email using the contact form on my website and I'll let you know my schedule. I don't publish it on my website yet because things can change quickly.
  • Is there homework?
    Kind of. After each hangout you'll be set a task. If you choose to complete it, it'll add a lot to the future hangouts, but you don't have to. Homework takes anything from 30 minutes to 3-4 hours but it's not like school - I don't file a report if you don't do it.
  • I have accessibility requirements.
    Please contact me and we can discuss what adjustments need to be made.
  • I want to come, but I can't afford it."
    Give me a shout and let's discuss your circustances. If I can, I'll help out with a discount. I can only do this in certain circumstances though, so it's fair on those people paying the full amount.
  • I have a question, but it's not answered here."
    Sure thing. Just use the contact form at the bottom of this page to ping me whatever questions you may have. You can call me on +44(0)7790 328795, but it's likely you'll have to leave me a voicemail (I'm a busy guy!) and I'll call you back.

Curious? We should definitely talk. Just call me or book a time using the button below.

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