I'm an experienced coach and qualified psychotherapist. Each client has a unique set of needs and you are no different. When we work together, we'll agree upon the best approach for you. 


A more directive, coaching style may suit you if you're looking to achieve specific life goals. If it's healing work, a less directive, more therapeutic approach might be more appropriate. 

Answers to some of the most common questions are below. However, if you want tot get in touch, click here and you can instantly schedule a no obligation, FREE phone call with me.

Coaching or Therapy?

I see coaching as being goal orientated. Typically, coaching clients are in a stable emotional state, and from that place are looking to achieve challenging personal goals and often ask me for accountability. There's still space for us to work through emotional things such as self-limiting beliefs, but typically these things aren't dominating that person's experience day to day. Therapeutically, I often work with people who are in some kind of emotional struggle, which is having a negative effect on their quality of life. In therapy, I typically work with things like depression, anxiety, addiction and trauma (both childhood and adult). Either way, whatever approach we take, my client's know that improving their wellbeing and making their lives more peaceful and fulfilling is my sole focus.

How much does it cost to work with me?

Therapy rates are £60-80 per 55 minute session depending on your household income. I usually recommend weekly sessions. I see coaching as a different type of investment. Some people choose clothes, socialising, the latest gadgets, etc. whilst others choose self-development. Coaching starts at £120 per 1.5 hour session, which includes support between sessions. For coaching, I usually recommend weekly sessions for the first 4 sessions to gain a momentum, then fortnightly thereafter. I offer coaching and therapy online via video, over the phone or in person in Manchester City Centre, UK. Use this link to schedule a free, no obligation call with me.

Why should you choose me?

I always encourage potential clients to speak to a few coaches/therapists before deciding who to work with. It's important that we get along and you feel you can trust me. Read some of my blogs, listen to my podcasts, or line up a call with me so we can talk and see how we get along. I'm a qualified psychotherapist and a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I'm also an experienced coach. I am strongly committed to my own personal development and both my coaching and therapy services are delivered from evidence bases. I participate in regular professional supervision, so you'll get the best of me when we work together. Aside from all that, I'm a decent human being and my clients think I'm good at helping them. Read more about me here.

Who am I?

I'm a regular guy who was promised a dream growing up. Society told me that if I did what I was told (school, Uni, job, marriage, house, dog) then I'd be happy. I followed that path, achieved it all and then lost it. After that I decided to take a different route. I studied psychotherapy and formalised my coaching skills. After years of working on my own personal development and healing, I realised there is another way to live and whilst old patterns required energy and committment to change, I now feel I'm living a more authentic life. In relation to my experience as a psychotherapist, I'm open about my experiences with depression and anxiety and I'm a survivor of childhood sexual exploitation. I believe these life experiences have allowed me to develop a deep empathy for other people's struggles. When it comes to coaching, I've been running my own businesses for the last 10 years, so whilst I try to remain humble, I do know a thing or two about goal achievement. Want the long version? Click here.

Curious? We should definitely talk. Just call me or book a time using the button below.