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About Me

I’ve always been wary of coaches and therapists who paint a picture of having a perfect life. We've all seen those Instagram accounts! The truth is, most of us have a story that comes with baggage. In my opinion, the most effective people in my field are wounded healers. They’ve experienced major life setbacks, trauma, disappointment and heartbreak but crucially, they have survived and thrived.

Back in my childhood I was promised a dream. If I went to school, got a "good job", found a partner, got married and acquired loads of material things, I’d be happy. Sound familiar? Well, I got all that, and lost it. After getting back on my feet I decided to take a different route - supporting other people.

I studied psychotherapy, formalised my coaching skills and made a life long commitment to my own personal development and healing. I realised that to be happy, we have to be authentic, quieten the noise in our minds and live our truth.


I still struggle the same as every other human on the planet, but I think that’s what makes me credible. I’m just a regular guy using my skills and life experience to support others. My focus now is working alongside people who wish to improve their lives, because I believe that is my life purpose, my truth, and a path to fulfilment.

You can read my full story here. If you feel we'd get along and you'd like to explore working together, use the button below to check out my services.


" be happy, we have to quieten the noise and live our truth."

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