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Me Being Adam is a trading name of Think Potential Ltd. Registered in England number 09204606.

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I believe we all have innate wellbeing. When we reconnect with this wellbeing, it allows us to access a deep inner wisdom. If you have ever driven a car from A to B without realising how you did it, then you know this part of you. When people are faced with crisis, so many report that in the moment, they knew exactly what to do. They accessed their innate wellbeing and wisdom.


I also believe that we experience the world and others through thought. It is our thoughts that create our feelings, not anything in the outside world. Without thought we would have no experience, no feeling. We have limited control over thought, nor can we turn thoughts off. We must simply accept that all thought is a part of our experience.

Finally, it is my personal experience and strong held belief that there is part of us that is able to be the observer of our thoughts - our consciousness. When you become the observer of your thoughts, they no longer define you. They no longer fog the path towards discovering your purpose and living your truth.

Whilst this may perhaps sound abstract, when I meet with new clients it resonates with such clarity that they often leave their first session feeling liberated. They understand that they have everything they need, moment to moment, to experience peace and fulfilment.  From this position, everything else is simply play.